Cryptocurrency is not merely trading & volatility, it can be entertaining and fun too!

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4 min readMay 31, 2022


“No, man ! Crypto is too volatile to trade in.”

But guess what else is volatile? Stocks. Property. World.

Since the invention of digital currencies, the term volatility has been constantly associated with them. When anyone talks about digital currencies to any investor, trader or user without prior information about cryptocurrencies or direct interaction, they will immediately counter the argument using one word — volatility.

However, before tackling this unfair association, let’s first understand what volatility means. According to the textbook definition, “volatility is the degree of variation of a trading price series over time, usually measured by the standard deviation of logarithmic returns.”

Some really stuff, right ?

In simpler terms, volatility is an asset’s (traditional or digital) tendency to shift prices over time following market trends. As the definition suggests, volatility is not just restricted to crypto assets but also traditional financial assets.

Talking about trading, digital assets have the upper hand over traditional assets as they are not just a means of trading and turning a profit. Users can interact with digital assets in fun and entertaining ways using technologies such as Play-to-Earn economy, Metaverse, NFTs and more.

Now what is “Play-to-Earn” (P2E) ?

Play-to-earn games basically reward you for, like you guess, for playing & participating. In blockchain this concept is now quite embraced with several platforms coming with games that rewards users in crypto tokens or NFTs. At NestFi, we have tried to move the tip from Play to earn to Research-to-earn (R2E) but more about it later !

What has led to P2E really taking off is that there’s whole lot of fun but there is also a reward with a real-world value at the end of it.

But question….Are they legit ?

As always, some discretion is always required but if you will look around, you will see how many legit & amazing games are out there like Axie Infinity. It is a trade & battle P2E game based on Axies — Etherum-minted NFTs that you can collect, raise, trade and BATTLE with other players on the platform. You win and you can pocket some AXS tokens ! There are over one million users playing it daily. Sounds quite legit, right?

But you are not more of a battle person but rather a creatore — there’s a game for you too: DECENTRALAND. It is a virtual reality where you can create your own 3D world. Buy land, develop it and open an online store, if you will. During your off hours you can pay & handle the responsibility of your land to another player.

Have different interests than creating & destroying — we’ll bet you would find a game according to your interest. Say for me, your fellow Nester, Astronomy is a big deal. There’s a P2E platform just for that ! on Star Atlas you can explore space & trade NFTs of planets & starts and other lunar objects. Each comes with their unique properties & features. If you are explorer, there’s more. You can discover new worlds by travelling virtual galaxy.

Now let’s come back to Nest, shall we ?

At NestFi, we aim to utilise the Play-to-Earn economy and create a revolutionary platform that gives users a chance to earn while learning about cryptocurrencies in a fun and interactive way!

NestFi — The World’s first Social Gaming Platform

NestFi is the first platform of its kind designed for GenZ to dive into the deep waters of crypto with the help of the most engaging and educational games. We at NestFi, aim to make crypto fun and rewarding and shed the stigmas of crypto being volatile, restricted to trading and boring.

NestFi is a free gamified investment app that makes investment fun and rewarding. There are several ways to interact with NestFi and learn about the vast landscape of digital currencies while you earn and invest. It is not a platform where you have to put your money first to see any rewards. It is for anyone & everyone with interest in learning about crypto & joining the Nest community.

At NestFi, our mission is simply to make modern finance simple, more rewarding and fun for everyone. By introducing games, we are developing a new way for our users to interact with Web3 and crypto by combining the elements of gaming and personalisation.

What can you do with NestFi?

With NestFi, you can:

  • Participate in crypto games to earn bitcoin
  • Invite and engage with your friends to play and win exciting rewards together.
  • Create and tackle challenges to expand your portfolios and knowledge.

In our zero-loss investment model, you can directly invest what you earned from winning to ensure that you will always have zero losses and high profits. We are a gamified crypto investment platform with the simple aim of transforming the digital currency landscape and promoting mass adoption by making crypto learning fun and entertaining.

Join us on our new venture to make the crypto space more accessible and rewarding and shed all the stigmas that the industry has acquired over time. Join the revolution with NestFi!

And remember, we are still looking for our CEO. Are you game for it ?

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Nest Fi

Nest is the world’s first social gaming platform that allows young people to create, play and earn while learning about crypto and web 3.