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3 min readJun 17, 2022


There is a misconception that the cryptocurrency & blockchain came in a matter of a couple of years. However, it was introduced in 2009 and just due to its newness & lack of information led to several doubts around it.

· Is it created to fund illicit activities? But that is the case with any form of money.

· What value does it even hold? But that can be said about any asset.

· Is it just a waste of energy? It does take considerable energy but blockchain technology is taking steps to reduce their environmental footprints.

· Is it just a new way to scam people? Keyword being “new”. Do we want to speak about the financial scams because we will be here for a while then!

· Is it a fad ? But so was the internet at one point.

So even with all these questions, there is one thing undeniable — Crypto is here & it is here to stay. 55% of bitcoin investors started investing in 2021 as per study by crypto firm Grayscale Investments. But this huge spike also led to an increase in noise & clutter in the space.

While it is not necessary you invest in it but that’s not what we are here for. Nest is here & it is here to create awareness about crypto. So irrespective of decisions you make — they’re informed and right decisions.

So what is NEST really?

Nest is a gamified investment app designed for the Gen-Zs to save, invest and earn. You play, learn on-the-go, earn rewards, stake & invest.

NEST is merging the world of fantasy gaming and finance for Gen Z and millennials. Nest users can learn and build their investment profile without any capital and risk. It is for everyone who is looking for a simple way to make their investment journey fun and responsibility-free.

Nest Vision

Simplify cryptocurrencies for the masses by breaking them down into easy-to-understand modules and micro games. Through both simple understandable content and mini games within the app, users can enjoy the benefits of crypto while minimizing their risk. Our main goal is to make crypto fun and simple for Gen-Zs.

Why should you pick NEST?

Although we are the “It” place designed explicitly for GenZ, we also help our users start their crypto journeys. Low investment, a risk-free journey towards the future that never lets the party end without going bust. We are a transparent platform that keeps it clean by educating first and then investing. That is the true spirit of how we will reach true decentralization. The only label we believe in is “Independent.”

We have several modules to make Nest an engaging platform for its users where you just don’t come & learn but join the community & create your own Nest circle. Few of the microgames covered are:

  • Nest Leagues — You can create your own cryptocurrency stack. It is simple — add cryptocurrencies to the stack, assign weightage to each of them basis the analytics provided, name the stack and voila, you’re a Nest owner. The top 50 Nest creators win rewards in the form of bitcoins. Not only that but you can create your own Nest leagues if you just want to play with your friends!
  • Prediction Master — It is to test your knowledge regarding the volatility of the crypto market. You will have to make a decision based on the pattern if the particular crypto coin price will go up or down in the next 5 minutes. Correctly guessing can give you 3X returns.
  • Quizzes — No, these are not your boring day to day quiz. Learn about different web3 & cryptocurrency in a challenging manner. And what’s better ? Higher you score, the more rewards you bag. But why stop at bitcoins? You also stand a chance to win NFTs & badges!
  • Referral Leaderboards — Once you are done creating a kickass profile, you can start building your asset portfolio. Referring and analyzing your peers on NEST is a part of our program.

So you are interested in crypto, on the internet, looking to learn & earn, then NEST is the place to be. And did we tell you we are looking for our CEO? Stay tuned to know more.



Nest Fi

Nest is the world’s first social gaming platform that allows young people to create, play and earn while learning about crypto and web 3.